My recent inactivity explained

Many visitors to the Firefighter Safety Research web sit will have noticed that its content has not been updated for quite some time.  Email inquiries have also gone unanswered and I feel it important to offer visitors an explanation.

In April last year, when my PhD research was gaining quite some momentum and data gathering was well under way, with early analysis bearing fruit my partner was diagnosed with an advanced stage Ovarian cancer.  Despite her desire that I shouldn't lose that momentum and should maintain the impetus, given the very aggressive and challenging treatment regime she faced, I decided to withdraw from all distractions to devote my time to support and care for her.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of the staff and oncologists at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and St Mary's Hospice Birmingham she passed away peacefully in October.   Being a very positive and determined person she made me promise to complete my PhD research and the many other projects I had started in connection with it. 

Family and many friends helped me through the cloud of grief and recently I decided I had to get on with things.  I renrolled as a Postgraduate Researcher with Coventry University in June and am slowly building the momentum once again.  Several projects started are being dusted off and this web site is amongst them.   In the coming weeks I will endeavour to refresh the content and bring it up to date.

I thank you for your support and patience.

Dr Anita Pickerden 1953 - 2018 RIP

Dr Anita Pickerden 1953 - 2018 RIP